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Tips on Places of Interest in Medan

With the rapid changing of human lifestyle in this modern era, more people are prone to stress, which may reduce their performance at workplaces. Thus, having a vacation becomes an emerging needs among people live in big cities. One of the recommended vacation destinations is Medan in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. This city, offers various tourist attractions, from culinary diversity, cultural places, to the magnificent beauty of nature. In this article, we will give some suggestion about places of interest in Medan that you can visit during your vacation.

The following list are some of the things to do in Medan during your trip with your family or friends:

  • Enjoying Mee Pansit at Acai Mee Pansit: this dish can be considered as the most famous noodle in Medan. It is truly a must-visit if you come to Medan or your trip is not yet complete. With only 2 dollars, you can enjoy this delicious and satisfying meals. This places is suitable for group meals with your family and friends, and also for individuals of you travel by yourself. The staffs are all friendly and will assist you during your order.
  • Visiting Mesjid Raya Al Mashun: this mosque is the main mosque in Medan and can be considered as the most beautiful mosque in Medan. It was constructed using imported materials, including Italian marble. You are allowed to wander around the mosque and admire the elegant details exhibited by the architecture. The highlights of this mosque are the dark exquisite domes, wonderful stain glass, and emerald green tiles. Non-worshippers are allowed to take a tour outside prayer hours and expected to dress politely to respect the holy place.
  • Eating at Restaurant in Bukit Lawang: this area offers various cozy guest houses and restaurants lining beside a river. One of the recommended place is Sam Bungalow. Located next to the river and lush forest, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a resort-style restaurant. The foods are actually quite decent. However, the tastes are somehow enhanced thanks to the beautiful scenery and calm ambience it offers. You can even swim on the river with locals while waiting for your food to arrive. Do not forget to bring your own towels and swim wear if you are planning to swim.
  • Visiting Istana Maimun: this place is basically the Medan’s royal palace, which once belonged to Deli Sultanate. These days, the public can visit several parts of this palace that has been converted as a museum, including the elegant throne room, some displays that describe royal family’s history, and several ancient clothing collections. You can even dress up with these clothing by paying a small amount of money and capture a memorable picture in the throne room or even walk around the palace with the dress.

Those are some of the places to visit in Medan where you can enjoy your trip. There are still a lot of tourist attraction to visit. However, if you only have limited time, these places will certainly give you the unforgettable memory you are looking for.

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