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A Guide to Drug Related Crimes in Australia

Like any other developed country, Australia has specific laws regarding drug use, and should a person ever be charged with a drug related offence, seeking the help of an experienced criminal lawyer is essential. Of course, the range of charges is varied, and could be anything from possession of a small amount of a prohibited drug, to drug trafficking, which could carry a very heavy custodial sentence. If you have ever wondered how the legal system works regarding drugs related charges, here is a brief overview of what to expect.

  • Possession – This is the least serious of all drug related charges, and would involve being caught in possession of a banned substance, and the amount would have to be relatively small for this charge to be made. In such a case, it might be best to plead guilty and cite extenuating circumstances, and depending on the substance involved, the sentence would likely be very light.


  • Possession with Intent to Sell – A much more serious charge the mere possession, if a person is charged with this offence, it is possible for a custodial sentence to be handed down. Obviously, one should enlist the help of an experienced lawyer from the very outset, and often, intent to sell cannot be proven and the verdict would be a simple case of possession. If you live in Western Australia, and have been charged with a drug related offence, there are experienced defence lawyers in Perth who can help you with any drug related charge.


  • Cultivation – Typically, this charge would involve the growing of cannabis, and as soon as a person is charged with this offence, they should immediately seek the help of a qualified criminal lawyer, who can begin to put forward a defence. If the case is proven, the sentence would very much depend on the extent of the grow operation, and a good lawyer can often help a person reach a satisfactory conclusion.


  • Drug Trafficking – The most serious of all drug related charges, if a person has been accused of this offence, they can expect a custodial sentence. The facts would determine the best plea, and with expert legal advice from the very outset, it is possible to facilitate a favourable outcome. A person’s circumstances can have a bearing on the case, and this is why you need an experienced lawyer in your corner, should you ever be charged with drug trafficking.


  • Mitigating Circumstances – In the event a person chooses to plead guilty to a drug related charge, mitigating circumstances can often secure a favourable outcome. Personal circumstances can be given as a reason for the involvement in drugs, and with the current trend for lenient sentences for certain substances, this might not result in a prison sentence, as community service is a more suitable sentence for a minor case of possession.

Whatever the circumstances, and regardless of whether you intend to plead innocent or guilty, it is imperative that you seek out experienced legal advice, and with online solutions, sourcing a good lawyer is no longer an issue.


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